The wreckage

April 20, 2017 Sometimes it’s easier to speak about pain in a riddle. Feeling dizzy there she goes. Taking another spin through the revolving doors, as I fight to stay strong and not fall apart. Rewind to those precious days a short time ago. Behind closely watched doors. Sitting side by side trying to piece […]

Organizing my thoughts

How are you? How’ve you been? I’m so sorry it’s been awhile since I created new content. I’ve been combing through old posts trying to combine several blogs into one. And while sifting through old feelings trying to determine which content is worth sharing, and which stuff is worth forgetting. I ask for your patience... Continue Reading →

Now what 

July 27, 2017 The last two days I've been distant. Not wanting to do much of anything. And not sure why it's always so surprising when the chaos leads to paralysis and stops me in my tracks. If that sounded dramatic. It is. I dropped my daughter off at detox two nights ago. Seems so... Continue Reading →

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